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Get Auto Tune Ups in Detroit, MI

Lengthen Your Vehicle’s Life

One of the best things you can do to lengthen the life of your car is to schedule routine tuneups. A tuneup is a service procedure that aims to help your engine run better and includes a number of services, some of which include spark plug replacements and other adjustments to improve engine performance.

What Else Does a Tuneup Include?

A tuneup encompasses a number of inspections and replacements. Xpert Car Care mechanics begin by checking the overall condition of the engine and measuring battery voltage. If there are no problems, they’ll replace the spark plugs, the fuel filter, the rotor/distributor cap, the PCV valve and the breather filter. These are preventative measures performed on an “as needed” basis and may vary depending on the vehicle.

At Xpert Car Care, we advise that you have your older vehicle tuned up every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. If you have a newer vehicle, schedule a tuneup with us at about 25,000 miles.
A car in need of auto tune ups in Detroit, MI

Time for a Tuneup?

When you roll into your next 10,000 miles, trust the specialists of Xpert Car Care to carry out a tuneup. Our tweaks, adjustments and replacements may add considerable time to the life of your car. Call us today to schedule a time for your tuneup.