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Affordable Transmission Repair in Detroit, Michigan

Pick the Right People

Transmission repairs are some of the most costly and important in auto services. Eventually, both manual and automatic transmissions alike will need maintenance and the occasional repair. That’s why you need to make sure you find a trustworthy and affordable technician for the job. Xpert Car Care has years of combined experience in transmission work and will provide you with quality, cost-effective service every time.

Trusted Transmission Maintenance

Xpert Car Care transmission services include transmission flushes, routine fluid changes and more. When you visit us, our seasoned mechanics will ensure that your fluid is at a proper level and refill or change it when necessary. We’ll also replace your filter when needed to make sure your vehicle continues to perform at its peak.

As you continue to bring your vehicle to us for transmission service and maintenance, we will help you prevent expensive repairs down the road. If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, we will see to it that the right amount of fluid is creating necessary hydraulic pressure.
Close up of car timing belt in modern car.

Transmission Repairs

A healthy transmission is what lets you shift gears, allowing you to speed off into the sunset. When it becomes difficult to shift, when the car makes clunking noises as it changes gears or the transmission slips between gears, you may need a transmission repair.

Even when you do everything you can to keep your transmission working smoothly, accidents happen. After a collision or natural wear, your transmission may start malfunctioning. This may be in the form of overheating, grinding or other issues. Our certified mechanics are trained to inspect and treat your car’s transmission problems, no matter what size, so you can continue driving worry-free.

Turn to the Transmission Experts

Waiting until your transmission is already malfunctioning is an expensive risk to take. Don’t wait. Bring your automobile to Xpert Car Care today so our technicians can run full diagnostics on your transmission and make the necessary adjustments.