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Professional Muffler Service in Detroit, Michigan

Don’t Let Your Muffler Exhaust You

Imagine you’re on a road trip enjoying the wide-open spaces and good music with friends. Suddenly, you begin to smell something burning and panic ensues. Mufflers, as simple as they are, can cause a lot of unnecessary strife when they malfunction. Your road trip doesn’t need to be spoiled. Xpert Car Care is here to repair and replace your muffler and any other component of your exhaust system.

Maintain Your Muffler

The muffler is responsible for stifling the noise emitted from the engine and is an important part of your exhaust system. Keeping your muffler in good condition can even improve your automobile’s power and performance by reducing pressure in the exhaust system, which increases the engine’s efficiency.

If you aren’t interested in increased power and performance, a well-maintained muffler ensures a smooth, comfortable ride. The muffler will keep your vehicle quiet while on the road and will direct exhaust fumes away from the cabin to keep you and your passengers safer.
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Signs of Muffler Malfunction

Your car has ways of communicating with you to let you know a system component needs attention. For mufflers, you may smell burning, hear a loud, rumbling noise or detect fumes in the car. Rather than letting it get to this point, come to Xpert Car Care for regular inspections and maintenance.

Repair and Replacement

Our qualified team of technicians specialize in exhaust systems. We can help you with any component, including the muffler, and will get you back on the road quickly. Whether your muffler is leaking, rusty or bent, we have the skills and tools needed to complete a repair or a full replacement. Call us today if you suspect trouble with your exhaust system.