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Axle Work in Detroit, Michigan

Axle Work in Detroit, Michigan

As you’re driving around running errands, you’re probably not thinking about the condition of your axle shafts, but maybe you should be. Axle shafts are responsible for connecting the transmission to the wheels and helping them turn. Broken axle shafts don’t rotate, which means the connection between the transmission and tires is lost and your car won’t be able to go.

Fortunately, Xpert Car Care thoroughly understands axles and can help when yours need repair or replacement.

Axle Assembly

Your axle assembly consists of the shaft, CV joints, grease and boots. When the system fails, it’s usually because a boot was torn and grease is leaking out. Without the help of this grease, the joints don’t get lubricated, dirt gets in and the entire axle wears out.

Symptoms of Axle Failure

When this happens, there are a number of signs your car will exhibit to make you aware that your axle needs service. These can be anything from loud clicking in the front or rear of your car when turning to the appearance of grease on the inner edges of your tires or vibration when driving. No matter how severe the problem, our skilled experts can perform any kind of axle work. 
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What We Can Do

In the event of axle failure, we can perform any kind of repair or complete replacement when necessary. Before doing anything, we will first verify that your axle shaft needs replacement. Then we will remove the necessary wheel and replace the faulty axle according to factory specifications. We won’t send you home without first checking your tire pressure and performing a road test to ensure the quality of our repair.

Advice From the Adept

In all our years of car service, we know what makes axle assemblies last. We recommend that when you receive a major service from us, you also get a basic safety inspection that includes a visual examination of your axle shafts and boots. Opting for this extra checkup allows us to catch problems before they worsen, saving you time and money on replacement parts down the road.

Protect Your Vehicle Parts

Don’t wait until your axle shafts become a problem. Give us a call today to perform an inspection on your vehicle. We’re devoted to the well-being of your car and short wait times for you.